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Rohingya refugees continue to cross the border into Bangladesh fleeing brutal violence. These families have lost everything and they don't know where their next meal will come from. But aid is not keeping up. Without more help soon, people will suffer and die.

In crisis situations around the world, World Food Programme is providing air transport to the humanitarian community, helping to deliver medicines, vaccines and ready-to-use specialized nutritious food in hard-to-reach areas. But World Food Programme cannot do this alone. With your generous gift today, you can help deliver food to the world's most vulnerable people and provide curative and preventive nutrition for children under age five as well as pregnant and nursing mothers.

It's easy for you to make a lifesaving difference. Your tax-deductible $75 donation can provide a family with a World Food Programme emergency box — which contains enough food for an entire month.

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Minimum payment $5.00.
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